2010/2015. Rat Poisons
Series of installations obtained by dispersion on the ground of different varieties of rat poison. The pictorial compositions are anamorphoses implanted contextually within the space that welcomes them. Extermination drugs are used as pigments and directly echo the mandalas made by Buddhists. (This meticulous representation of the universe is for them a spiritual practice and a medium of meditation.The final composition is then destroyed, poured into a river or left to the wind as an offering, in order to highlight the ephemeral side of existence.) A kind of vanity...
The typography used is generally derived from a diversion of various heavy metal bands logos. The motifs themselves, come from elements of decorations of cult horror films. The use of the blue and magenta rat poison evokes the stereoscopic image which, by a game of superposition and erasure, sows a visual disturbance referring as well to mystical hallucination as toxicological. The idea of this disorder is reinforced by the point of view in anamorphosis which reveals, according to the position of the spectator, words or pictorial motifs.



UNTITLED (Mayhem), 2015, raticides, 1300 x 400 cm.



UNTITLED (The Beast), 2014, raticides, 450 x 265 cm.




FIREWALK WITH ME, 2012, raticides, 350 x 200 cm. (Vue du 57ème salon de Montrouge)



INVOCATION OF MY DEMON BROTHER, 2013, raticides, 265 x 200 cm (GLASSBOX, Paris)



THE SHINING, 2011, raticides, 1000 x 400 cm. Vue de l'exposition Colonial Jelly, Centre d'art Lieu Commun




UNTITLED (Death), 2012, raticides, 450 x 300 cm. (Vue de l'exposition Autoexotisme, Galerie 5UN7, Bordeaux)






LET US PRAY, 2010, raticides, 1600 x 650 cm. > Voir le projet video Hifiklub





SLAYER LAYER, 2010, raticides, néons, 340 x 280 cm. (Vue de l'exposition Taste Statement à Zirkumflex, Berlin)